It’s been a tough time for most, but we’re happy to say that with Western Australia moving into stage 3 restrictions, we can now open up all competitions. It’s been great to see everyone back playing and although we are down on team numbers from before Covid 19, it seems to be building up rapidly. As everyone who has been back will have seen, we haven’t wasted the down time! We have painted all internal walls, as well as umpire stands, railings and support poles. The place looks great, so at least we can take some positives out of a bad situation.

We have been extremely humbled by the support we received during this time, which ranged from offers of help around the centre to paying game fees even though we were closed. We didn’t have to take anyone up on those offers, however now is the time that we need your help. Make no mistake, shutting down for that long really hurt us and although we stayed positive throughout, we now need to work hard to get the business back up stronger than ever. So help us by coming back if you haven’t already, spread the word about how good it is here, or if numbers permit (Covid 19 restrictions only allow 100 patrons at a time), hang around for a drink or 2 after your game. Don’t forget that we also have social nights on Friday’s if you’re not quite ready to enter a team, or if you need another night of volleyball.

While you are here please adhere to our Covid-19 business plan recommendations so everyone can stay safe. We now have hand sanitiser outside every court, as well as at the front counter. The balls will be sanitised between games and extra cleaning will be done during rounds. Feel free to request a copy of our full Covid-19 business plan by emailing info@fremantleindoor.com.au.

Stay tuned as we have a number of exciting things coming up once the dust settles and everything is some what back to normal.

Thanks again for all your support.

The FIBV Team