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If you’re interested in playing volleyball, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re interested in extending your summer vacation, you’ve also come to the right place. If you want to hire our courts or venue, you’ve come to the wrong place. Head over to our page Court Hire. But for the rest of you, keep reading. We’ve got a number of options for you.

   $ Per Game


6 a sideMon from 6:00pm$70Per Team

Our mixed teams are for anyone 15 years and older. There is a maximum of three men per team but you can play with any number of women.
Teams in the 2 a side comp can be male-male, female-female or male-female.

6 a sideTues from 6:00pm$65Per Team
6 a sideWed from 6:00pm$70Per Team


4 a sideWed from 6:00pm$56Per Team

Men’s leagues run on multiple nights of the week for males over 15. Men can also compete in teams of three in the mixed leagues (see days and times above). We don’t recommend doing this in a 6-a-side comp unless players are highly experienced, but three men of any skill level may compete in the 4-a-side mixed comps without a female team mate. Teams of 2 men can play in the 2 a side mixed comp too.

4 a sideThur from 6:00pm$56Per Team
4 a sideMon from 6:00pm$56Per Team


6 a sideMon from 6:00pm$70Per Team

Our women’s league is for all females over the age of 15. Women’s teams can also play in the mixed leagues (see days and times above).

Teenage/ Juniors'

6 a sideWed from 5:00pm$35Per Team

Wednesday night Teenage League is a great way for high school aged kids to get active. Seasons are run across 2 school terms, finish with finals and trophies presented to the winners. Register your team online by clicking the 'Start a Team" tab.

Friday Night Juniors’ Training is for anyone under 18. It’s a great way to start the weekend and a great introduction to indoor beach volleyball. We provide coaching from some of our most experienced players as well as the chance to play games. No bookings are required and teams are formed on the day.

Juniors' Training is DISABILITY INCLUSIVE. Everyone under 16 can take part irrespective of whatever physical or mental challenges they may face.

TrainingFri 5:00pm - 6:00pm$3Per Player


N/AFri 6:30pm - late$15Per Person

Friday Night Social League is open to players of all skill levels. Registration starts at 6.30pm. Games start at 7.00pm. Teams are formed on the night and players in the winning team get the next week free! INCLUDES BBQ or PIZZA DINNER!