Super League

What is Super League:

Super League is WA’s club competition, where the best players from each of the 8 clubs compete. It consists of 4 rounds, followed by a finals round if your division finishes in the top 4 teams. Each round is played at a different centre on a Saturday, except for the Bunbury round which is split across a Saturday and Sunday. It’s a great way to improve your volleyball skills as we train as well as play against the states best.



All teams are 6 per side, separated into 10 divisions as follows,

  • Men’s division 1
  • Men’s division 2
  • Women’s division 1
  • Women’s division 2
  • Mixed division 1
  • Mixed division 2
  • Men’s over 35’s
  • Women’s over 35’s
  • Boy’s under 18’s
  • Girls under 18’s



Each round costs $25 per player ($100 for the whole series) as well as approximately $35 for your personalised singlet. This year we will have an option for shorts, however only the singlet is mandatory. There is no charge for the finals if your team makes it.



We provide free court hire for training as long as there is a court available and we can help facilitate games against other Super League teams. If no umpire is required and we have a court available, these games will also incur no charge. Training is to be organised by the team captain.


This Years dates: TBA


U19’s Summer 2020 Champions-EZ Dubs.

This season was our first teenage volleyball league for many years. It’s something that has had some challenges to get going, but has now grown to a good size with plenty of young talent. Our champions, EZ Dubs entered the competition a little late, but quickly showed that they would challenge any of the other teams. Their late start to the competition saw them finish 4th on the ladder, but this wasn’t a true representation of how good they were. The Semi Final against Gago’s probably should have been the the grand final, and as such made for a cracker of a game. Gago’s, who were favourite’s to win took out the first set by a single point, but then Ez Dubs showed their character and took out the second set by 2 points, before running away with the match in the final set.

In the other semi final we had The Volleyboys vs The Samson Slammers. The Volleyboys struggled to get going in the first set with the Samson Slammers taking a big lead. The Volleyboys then rose to the challenge, but narrowly lost the second set. The final set saw the Samson Slammers finish the match with a straight set win.

The Final was set and looked likely to be a cracking match. The first set showed this, with The Samson Slammers taking an early lead. However, yet again, the EZ Dubs dug deep and came back to win a close set. The final 2 sets saw some length rallies, with The Samson Slammers showing some impressive skills, but on the night it was The EZ Dubs that proved too good, winning the final comfortably in straight sets.

The new season starts straight away and we will be trying a few different things to help improve skills. At the beginning of each round we will pick a skill to focus on. One of our coaches will then demonstrate it, followed by umpires focusing on that skill during the game.

Well done to all our U 19’s, it was a fantastic effort from everyone.



It’s been a tough time for most, but we’re happy to say that with Western Australia moving into stage 3 restrictions, we can now open up all competitions. It’s been great to see everyone back playing and although we are down on team numbers from before Covid 19, it seems to be building up rapidly. As everyone who has been back will have seen, we haven’t wasted the down time! We have painted all internal walls, as well as umpire stands, railings and support poles. The place looks great, so at least we can take some positives out of a bad situation.

We have been extremely humbled by the support we received during this time, which ranged from offers of help around the centre to paying game fees even though we were closed. We didn’t have to take anyone up on those offers, however now is the time that we need your help. Make no mistake, shutting down for that long really hurt us and although we stayed positive throughout, we now need to work hard to get the business back up stronger than ever. So help us by coming back if you haven’t already, spread the word about how good it is here, or if numbers permit (Covid 19 restrictions only allow 100 patrons at a time), hang around for a drink or 2 after your game. Don’t forget that we also have social nights on Friday’s if you’re not quite ready to enter a team, or if you need another night of volleyball.

While you are here please adhere to our Covid-19 business plan recommendations so everyone can stay safe. We now have hand sanitiser outside every court, as well as at the front counter. The balls will be sanitised between games and extra cleaning will be done during rounds. Feel free to request a copy of our full Covid-19 business plan by emailing

Stay tuned as we have a number of exciting things coming up once the dust settles and everything is some what back to normal.

Thanks again for all your support.

The FIBV Team

FIBV Policies regarding Covid-19

Hi Everyone,
Before getting into the details – I just wanted to remind you that as the part of the community that choose to include physical health in their life on a regular basis, you are at a lower risk of contracting or being affected by this virus. Please also remember that movement, your diet/nutrition, vitamin D, practicing mental resilience and regular de-stressing techniques are also a very big part of being on the right side of this.

As next week is the beginning of a new season, please let us know if you would like to suspend your team until things settle down. We will continue to operate as long as The Department of Health deems it safe for us to do so, but we understand if some teams wish to take a cautious approach.

While the risk of contracting COVID-19 in Perth remains low, we would like to ask you as part of our Fremantle Indoor Beach community to join us in helping prevent the spread by taking the following measures.


Wash/ sanitise/wet wipe your hands with the 20 second rule before and after each match.
Do not shake hands at the end of the match or high 5 between sets.
Bring or buy your own water bottle either pre-filled or fill using our drink fountain which is regularly cleaned. Please also do not drink directly out of the drink fountain.
If you have any symptoms of any form of flu please be diligent with staying away from FIBV for the suitable time period.
Please note (to reduce your stress) sneezing is not in any way associated as a symptom with the COVID-19. This has also been officially cleared by WHO (World Health Organisation)


Increase cleaning of everything including drink fountains and toilets.
Ensuring we stay up to date and educated with all facets of the COVID-19 virus from the institutes/ agencies that we should be listening to and not mass media.

With the new restrictions preventing indoor gatherings of more than 100 people, we have implemented new game times to allow time for changeover between time slots. New game times will now be 6:30pm, 7:35pm and 8:40pm. Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes before your game time if there is a game before yours and leave shortly afterwards. Please also avoid having spectators.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

The FIBV Team


Enter your team and not only could you win a massive cash prize but all proceeds from team registration goes to support our Nationals Teams! This will be a epic day with some of WA’s best talent on display. Enter a team or come down and cheer on your teams! Follow this link for registration paperwork.

Exciting Times at Fremantle Indoor Beach Volleyball

Our major renovations are now complete, and competitions are all back to normal. It’s been an incredible journey, but we are finally starting to see the benefits from all the hard work. The place looks great and our new nets make for a better, faster game. As a whole, we feel we have accomplished our goal of creating a fun, friendly place, that is family friendly, while providing excellent volleyball facilities.

Separate to our courts we now have a basketball area, kids’ playground, table tennis tables and plan to add a pool table. The aim was to make our centre not only about volleyball but also an enjoyable place to hang out. It appears we have nailed this as lots of people are staying after their games and Friday night social night has exploded with most Friday’s now needing all 8 courts.

With everything coming together we will now be focusing on some new competitions. We will soon be introducing a junior’s volleyball league to compliment the free junior coaching that we already have on Friday’s and will be starting a lady’s competition during the day for Mum’s and other ladies who are available during the day.

But we’re not done yet! Soon we will be repainting the sign out the front of the building. Cameron Gordon, who did the amazing artwork inside our centre will be showcasing his talents once again by designing and painting the front of the building. Also, we’ll be replacing the wooden bollards at the front door shortly with steel, bright orange ones that will hopefully be obvious enough, so delivery trucks won’t hit them during the day.

To spread the word about how good our centre has become we have now started a rather large advertising campaign. You’ll see us on a number of IGA notice boards, Facebook and Instagram but the most exciting is our ad before every movie at Millennium Cinemas in Fremantle. While it’s only a 15 second advert, it has been an exciting process getting professional videographers in, design teams to make the ad and now having it screened, be sure to let us know what you think if you see it.

All in all, it’s really exciting times here at Fremantle Indoor Beach Volleyball, thank you to everyone for their patience through the whole process, I think most would agree that it’s been worth it!40293622_2070631943004128_9010629499091419136_n 40321213_301279900680612_1032545305150619648_n 40347620_289777018504007_610811664513630208_n 40383159_2239043946329560_2333312310073884672_n