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Celebrate a victory or drown a loss with a cold one, as Freo Indoor have a license to chill (and serve alcohol).

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Serves you right The Celestios All-Net Krafty Hops Taylor's Version Undercooked The Inappropriate Volleyball Puns Obama Self Jonesy & The Boys Big Dig Energy Misfits Wing Night Sandy Clams South Beach United Hits & Giggles Net Returns Super Spreaders P.A.W.G's Spike Wazowski Adams Family Jayden & The OB's RSA Approved Kiss My Ace Sabbia Get The Ball Big Rally Energy Twisties Net Gains Sweet Digs Frozen PEAS Tickle My Volleyballs Beginners Luck Victorious Secrets Balls Deep Slap n Bash Rocket Struggling To Get It Up All Sets Are Off Sandy Warhols Top Shots Setting Ducks I'd hit that Defective A Spike Lee Point Kinky Sets BOLF Jojoe's Pizza Alfred Cove The Inappropriate Volleyball Puns Volleybois Balls Deep Sandflies

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Fremantle Indoor encourages responsible consumption of alcohol