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Well, It’s more than just a game…

We know a lot of sport enthusiasts will say that about whatever sport they play but we swear, there’s something different about volleyball. We have players that come back night after night after night, and they play game after game after game. We have people that come down to the centre on the nights they don’t play just with the hope that some team may need a fill in.

People will tell you, they’ll insist, you’ve got to have a go. Volleyball is serious fun.

Even our staff are on a constant rotation between working and playing on court, and if you come down to the centre as a spectator people will tell you, they’ll insist, you’ve got to have a go. Volleyball is serious fun. Indoor beach volleyball is even better.

It’s like extending your summer vacation, forever. Here’s our dress standard: shoes are not required.

Did we mention you’re playing on an indoor beach? Beach volleyball is all year round! It’s like extending your summer vacation, forever. Here’s our dress standard: shoes are NOT required.

When you love the feel of beach sand between your toes and playing a round of volleyball but don’t want the distraction of the waves or chance heatstroke, then you need to consider indoor volleyball. Located close to Fremantle, this indoor sport allows you to enjoy the sport without worrying about temperatures and weather conditions and can be played all year round.

Volleyball is one of the most popular sports among people who want to build muscle while receiving a full-body workout playing a fun sport and encourages teamwork. At Fremantle Indoor Beach Volleyball, you can sign up with a team or join an existing one, make new friends, and enjoy the game in a safe and inclusive environment.

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Benefits of an Indoor Sports Centre

There are many benefits you can enjoy when you choose to play volleyball at an indoor sports centre. Here are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy at Fremantle Indoor Beach Volleyball.


While you can socialise with people on the beach while you play volleyball, indoor centres have social events to promote meeting and befriending people, making it a great place to go and watch or play volleyball, especially for those who find it hard to meet new people.

Special Events

Indoor sports centres often host special events, making it about more than just playing volleyball. Special event evenings allow those who don’t play the sport to participate in fun activities and enjoy themselves.

Safety First

Safety is always a priority at indoor centres such as ours, we ensure that the volleyball areas are free of any objects that could cause harm to our players and that there are first aid kits available should anyone get hurt.

Protection from the Elements

When you enjoy your sport, you’ll want to play it as often as possible, and with many sports being played outdoors, playing is often dependant on the weather. When you play your sport indoors, you can rest assured that you’ll be playing all year round, and you are protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays or rainstorms while enjoying the comfort of indoor climate control.


We have a convenient refrigerated drink fountain to keep you hydrated, clean toilets, spacious changerooms, and showers for a refreshing post-game rinse. Come enjoy a game in our well-equipped facility!


The correct lighting can make all the difference when you’re playing sports. When you play outdoors, you have to worry about the sun getting into your eyes, so you wear sunglasses that inhibit your eyesight. When you play volleyball indoors, you have the perfect lighting during the entire game and won’t have to worry about any glare.

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We believe that volleyball is so much more than just a sport but is also a way of meeting new people while burning calories and having fun. We enjoy the sport so much that we rotate between working around the centre and getting into the games ourselves.