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If you’re interested in playing volleyball, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re interested in extending your summer vacation, you’ve also come to the right place. If you want to hire our courts or venue head over to our Court Hire page instead. For the rest of you, keep reading. We’ve got a number of options for you.

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Just dipping your toes in?

Friday Night Socials

Every Friday night there’s social volleyball at the centre. No commitments, everyone’s friendly, and you can get a taste of what indoor beach volleyball is all about.

Getting a Little More Serious?

If you’ve come to a few social nights or are starting to feel like you want more of a challenge join our a Facebook fill-in group. Introduce yourself, let everyone know you’re skill level, and ask if anyone’s looking for a player!

Ready to dive right in?

Get your friends together and start a team, You can join any time of year!

Gather your friends and form a team today! Whether it’s mid-season or not, you can join at any time of the year. Our league has games every Monday through Thursday. Take a look at our Games and Prices page to find the best fit for you, then sign up below.


What should I expect on the first night?

How do I pay? Do I pay for the whole team or just myself?

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Start a team

Women's6 AsideMon from 6:00pm$75 Per Team
Mixed6 AsideMon from 6:00pm$75 Per Team
Mixed6 AsideTue from 6:00pm$70 Per Team
Mixed6 AsideWed from 5:00pm$75 Per Team
Open4 AsideMon from 6:00pm$60 Per Team
Open4 AsideTue from 6:00pm$60 Per Team
Open4 AsideWed from 6:00pm$60 Per Team
Open4 AsideThu from 6:00pm$60 Per Team
Teenage / Juniors'6 AsideWed from 5:00pm$40 Per Team
Teenage / Juniors'TrainingFri 5:30pm until 6:30pm$5 Per Player Under 12yo
Teenage / Juniors'TrainingFri 5:30pm until 6:30pmPOA 13 - 17yo

Not sure how to play?

No worries, we’ve compiled all the necessary information for you, from the basics of getting started to the intricate rules of the game. Simply visit our About the Game page to discover everything you need to know.