About Us

Volleyball is in our blood

Fremantle Indoor Beach Volleyball is family owned and run by volleyball enthusiasts. We’re trying to make a living but first and foremost, we care about the game, and you, the players! We’re passionate, we want to get people involved in the sport. We want to extend and build the volleyball community.

We have players that come back night after night after night, and they play game after game after game. We have people that come down to the centre on the nights they don’t play just with the hope that some team may need a fill in. Even our staff are on a constant rotation between working and playing on court, and if you come down to the centre as a spectator people will tell you, they’ll insist, you’ve got to have a go. Volleyball is serious fun. Indoor beach volleyball is even better.

We are a group of dedicated individuals who are passionate about the sport of indoor volleyball and creating a fun and welcoming atmosphere for all players. We’re always up for a laugh or a game!

We’re here for a good time

Whether it’s a casual social night game or a competitive tournament, the team at Fremantle Indoor are always cheering on teammates and opponents alike. We believe that the joy and camaraderie of playing volleyball should be the main focus, and we make sure that everyone who walks through the doors of the centre feels included and has a great time.

If you have any questions that our website hasn’t answered, or if you just want to talk volleyball, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re keen to talk with you. We’ll leave you with this piece of wisdom and advice: sign a team up now!

Hit us up for a chat or a game

Get in touch with us today and get any burning questions answered – we’re always up for a chat!