Fixtures – Thursday

Courts One to Four

Courts Five to Eight
6:00pm2W +2BBoo RadFig jamSand Eye Coordination
Bang BrosSlam CityQuinellaSugars & Spikes
6:55pmWe'll See4 GAZPeak PerformanceThe Malakas
The Felluu5Fish NetsSpykedelickSet Up
7:50pmTaking Back ThursdaysNet NinjasHello NewmanPound Town
Still Teaching RoyConcrete LeftysThose Old BlokesBattle-Axe
8:45pmBeta BlockersPaella GrandeThe Jimbly GrimblesVB Junkies Time tbc**
Dig, Set, DrinkVolleyball FriendsWait, This isn't Badminton??Mark & The Funky Bunch Time tbc**

Courts Five to Eight

Courts One to Four
6:00pmVolleyboys4 Men 1 BallHot PotatoesMean Machine
The StruggleTjeuw Plus TwoVinny's VT'sSpikey Balls
6:55pmBush ChooksDunlop Volleys4 Day HangoversCrumbed Chubbies
Dig At MeMultiple ScoregasmsJollyjelkerse-LEMON-ators
7:50pmWet SetsSandy CracksSome Spike It Hot Portmanteau
Goon SquadDouble TouchSandy BoxAnytime
8:45pmJizzy Time tbc**Ping Time tbc**
tjeuw Plus Two

*“To be advised” means that your team did not have an opponent on the day the fixtures were generated. This does NOT mean that you will not have an opponent on the night. We frequently have new teams joining that may be rostered to play against you. Other teams forfeiting may also mean that you end up with an opponent and if you do not have an opponent we will contact players and attempt to field a team for you to verse. 24 hours notice is still required if you wish to forfeit your team. Less than 24 hours notice will still incur a forfeit fee.

Fixture Updates

Fixtures for the coming week are posted the day after you play. So if you play Monday, your fixtures for the next week will be online by midnight Tuesday.