Volleyball For Women

What You Can Expect from Volleyball for Women

When you think about volleyball for women, we don’t want you immediately thinking about the challenges of the Olympics. If it is your ambition to get there, you may do that one day, but instead, we want to have a little fun for now. Volleyball is a sure way to build your coordination, balance, and speed since it consists of multiple skills such as serving, passing, setting, and blocking. In addition, with these skills, you will increase your aerobic activity. You will be running on the field after the ball and your teammates.

Benefits of Joining Women’s Volleyball Near Me

When you join a women’s volleyball league, you will be benefiting your body and mind by exercising and building social skills. However, an additional benefit that’s under the radar is the amount of enjoyment you experience playing a sport with friends and being able to laugh at one another just because you can.

women's volleyball teams near me
  • Volleyball burns a lot of fat and calories. One of the best ways to lose weight is exercise, and exercise through sport adds some fun to the burn. Your body can effectively maintain a positive muscle and fat ratio with just 30 minutes of playing volleyball and getting your heart racing.
  • With the running and jumping comes the squats, lifts and serving, all of which requires a lot of body movement. With a full-body workout from volleyball, you will build and tone muscles throughout your body, such as your abs, legs, and arms.
  • It’s a known fact that exercise is good for mental health, but so is the act of working together as a team. With volleyball, you have the best of both worlds. First, you have an intense workout with friends. Second, the common goal that you share with your teammates will increase your self-confidence and reduce stress.

Tips for Joining Women’s Volleyball Teams Near Me

If you are new to women’s volleyball or have experience but need a new team, we believe you should bring your A-game and a smile. We take this sport and the fun very seriously, and most of our players do too.

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  • If your team is practising for a competition, it’s best to keep your head in the game and avoid distractions. However, if this match is just for the sake of having a game, we encourage smiles and high fives and cheering. Everybody on the field will join in on the fun along with you.
  • Show your team that you will always do your best. Even when it comes to stretching, stretch a little further, but don’t hurt yourself. Your team will appreciate your hard work on and off the field, whether it’s for fun or competitions.
  • The best option is to go for comfortable form-fitting clothing such as spandex shorts or tights and spandex or nylon shirts for volleyball clothing. If your outfit is too loose, it may get in your way and hamper your game most of the time. The best thing about our indoor beach volleyball courts – no shoes are required.

About Fremantle Indoor Beach Volleyball

At Fremantle Indoor Beach Volleyball, all our courts are enclosed with nets, meaning if the ball comes in contact with them, it’s still in play. However, our courts are open throughout the whole year, with the summer vibes remaining. We are incredibly passionate about the sport and our clients, a local family and volleyball player-run Fremantle Indoor Beach Volleyball. We encourage people to come and play, even if it is their first time. If you don’t have a team, please follow us on Facebook to find available teams who have open slots for you to join in.

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