Indoor Volleyball Perth

What About Indoor Volleyball in Perth

Our world-class indoor beach volleyball courts mean that you don’t have to wait for the summer anymore to fight for a spot on the beach. Get playing by registering your team and we’ll arrange matches with other teams playing our type of indoor volleyball in Perth.

What We Offer Regarding Beach Volleyball in Perth

We are located in Fremantle, and our facilities are renowned across the Greater Perth area as the best location for wholesome family entertainment. The reason for this is that we offer players, spectators and sulking kids all of the following:

Beach Volleyball Perth
  • We have eight volleyball courts that are designed to simulate the best possible beach environment, sans the wind, dogs and zinc cream. Each court is enclosed in a net fence, making for a great rule adjustment in that a ball can never be out. The courts are sanitised after each match, as per current regulations.
  • There are ample seating and tables spaced around the courts. We offer various foods, like pizza and sometimes a BBQ, and we are licensed to sell beer, cider and premix drinks to adults.
  • There are also ping-pong tables for those who find the volleyball leagues too intense and a play area for the younger children who are yet to realise that volleyball is the only worthwhile activity.

Volleyball Clubs for Beginners in Perth

Our volleyball leagues are not only for experienced players because we know that new players must keep the sport flourishing. For this reason, we offer several leagues with enough leeway to enable teams and players of different levels to compete against each other and to train together.

Volleyball Clubs For Beginners Perth
  • On Fridays we have our free training sessions for all players younger than 18 years. Our own experienced members provide instruction. These sessions are disability-inclusive, and we actively encourage children with physical or mental challenges to learn the game, and we teach about respect and differences in skill and ability.
  • There are four leagues for teams to participate in, depending on age and composition. The teenage league is exclusive for high school children and always results in fierce competition for the coveted trophy. The mixed, men’s and women’s leagues are contested Mondays to Thursdays. (Consult the schedule for specific times.)
  • The highlight of the week is always our big social night on Friday, where loose teams are formed on the spot, and free pizza is included in the entry fee. Registration is at 18:30, and play continues late into the night. Sometimes we also have a special glow in the dark event, where teams compete under ultra-violet lights, which creates a surreal experience.

Fremantle Indoor Beach Volleyball offers the best indoor beach volleyball facilities in Perth, and our active leagues keep players busy competing against diverse teams.

Contact us … or better yet just drop by on a weeknight and enjoy wholesome family fun and a bit of exercise on the “beach”.