Mixed Volleyball League

How to Find the Right Mixed Volleyball League For You

If you’re looking to add a new hobby to your life, joining a mixed volleyball league offers you more than just an entertaining way to stay in shape. The sport itself offers an entirely new world of advantages that can transform your life for the better.

Essential Facts to Know When Choosing Volley Teams

If you’ve decided that mixed beach volleyball is right up your alley, there are certain factors to know that will help you determine what league to choose. Keep the following in mind:

volley teams
  • You may want to play your chosen sport your way, which means you should enquire about how the teams are compiled. It’s important to know whether you need to create your team through friends or join an existing team at the club. A good sports club will be versatile and provide both options for you. Having a choice means you don’t need to miss out on the fun when you can’t get a whole team together on your own.
  • Much like other sports clubs, there is a membership fee attached to joining volley teams. Not all clubs have the same fee set-up or schedule, and the price can vary depending on what day of the week you’re going to play, how many players are included in your team and what age group you fall under. There may be different prices for a single entry or a full game, so you need to enquire with the sports club that you’re considering joining about what their pricing structure looks like and if you are happy with the set-up.
  • When talking about prices, it’s helpful to know what is included in the fees you will pay for your membership to the club. How the club is set up and what amenities they have makes all the difference in how you experience your game there. Mixed beach volleyball is made even better through the useful additional extras that come along with it, which is why it’s helpful to visit the premises before making a final call on it.

By keeping these aspects in mind, you increase your chances of finding a suitable club for your specific requirements.

What Sets Fremantle Indoor Beach Volleyball Apart Regarding Mixed Beach Volleyball

Naturally, you want to get the most out of your experience when choosing a volleyball venue. Here’s how we can make your new hobby unforgettable:

mixed beach volleyball
  • Are you looking for a place where you can play beach volleyball all year round? Look no further than our venue that’s specially designed to make you feel like you’re playing volleyball at the beach on a pleasant summer’s day. Our indoor beach design doesn’t require shoes, so you can truly be as comfortable as possible.
  • In terms of our rules, we do things a little differently to keep the game interesting. The ball is still in play even after it touches the nets of the surrounding barriers. It keeps players on their toes and the game itself that much more exhilarating.
  • Our volley teams are versatile, and you can choose which age group or gender you wish to create, with mixed-gender teams also allowed. If you’re entering as a single entrant, you will have a team chosen for you, given there are enough other single entrants to create one.

You can expect hours of endless fun and laugher with friends through our engaging beach volleyball set-up.

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