Volleyball for Men

Fremantle Indoor Beach Volleyball: Volleyball for Men, Women, and Children

Want to get fit without having to spend your time pumping iron in a gym or riding a bicycle that’s going nowhere fast? We offer the most fun you can have with your clothes on – not counting shoes – with indoor beach volleyball for men, women, and children, right here in Fremantle. We offer happy, healthy, family fun at an affordable price.

Our indoor beach volleyball centre has eight courts, a fully licensed and stocked bar offering snacks, sports drinks, and alcoholic beverages, to name a few. Enter a team for our men’s volleyball league, join an existing team, or simply come down for a drink and some entertainment as a spectator – you will soon be tempted to join in the fun.

Are There any Men’s Volleyball Teams Near Me?

Yes, there are. In fact, there is a thriving and growing volleyball culture in Fremantle and its surrounding areas, offering a fun, healthy, and relaxing – and competitive – atmosphere, not for only men but the whole family.

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  • Indoor Beach Volleyball is much more than just a way to get fit. It is as much an entertaining and social environment as it is a fitness exercise. We have multiple leagues, including a men’s, women’s, teenage/kids, and a mixed league. Get your friends together to form a team or compete in the mixed league as a family.
  • We offer a safe, friendly, and lively social environment where you can get – or keep – fit, enjoy yourself, and meet and make new friends. We have games every day – and night – from Monday to Friday, with Friday nights doubling as social evenings, including a free pizza for members.
  • What could be more enjoyable than playing volleyball on the beach? It is like having a permanent summer vacation, with seasons running from March to September and again from September to March. A prizegiving to the winning teams follows each season.

How do I Join Men’s Volleyball Leagues Near Me?

You don’t have to be a team member to enjoy a night out at the beach volleyball courts. Simply show up and enjoy yourself. However, if you want to participate in our beach volleyball games or leagues, you will need to register as a player and either join or form a team. As a registered player, you can always sub for team members who cannot be there on the night for whatever reason.

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  • Registering as a player or a team is simple – and free. Either as a team or a single player, the only fees payable are your game fees every time you play. Thus, you only pay for the time you spend on the court. There are no monthly membership contributions. All fees can be paid either by bank transfer or in cash on the night.
  • Teams can opt to enter the league, or just play for fun on pre-booked dates by booking a court. Since every game counts, we recommend joining a league. Finding teams to play against when you are not in the league may be a challenge – teams prefer to play for points.
  • Our Friday night social league is open to all players, both novices and seasoned professionals. Teams are formed there and then, and all players in the winning team get their next game fee for free. All players also get a free pizza or BBQ dinner on the night.

About Fremantle Indoor Beach Volleyball

We’ve been around for over 25 years, providing year-round, wholesome family fun to volleyball enthusiasts young and old. Why wait? Come down and enjoy a fun night out with the whole family and get fit while playing in the sand.

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