Beach Volleyball

The Best Place For Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is such a great sport that we took it indoors, and now we can play all year long. We recreated the feel of the best beaches in the world with real sand. The only difference to actually playing on the beach is that our courts are perfectly level, and our lights won’t cause sunburn.

How To Have Fun With Other Players

Indoor beach volleyball is a team sport, so we offer various team configurations and an exciting league for each type of team with a yearly winner. Participation in the league is optional but requires consistent availability. The rules of beach volleyball are slightly different from normal volleyball, which is why you’ll notice is reflected in our team compositions.

Volleyball On Sand
  • Mixed teams. The usual team consists of six players, of which a maximum of three may be male. Teams made up of fewer players are also allowed. Players must be 15 years or older to participate. Play nights are Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday from 18:30 onward.
  • Men’s teams. This is serious competition between four players on a side and takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. These teams may also play in the mixed team matches if the players are reduced to three, but can become hectic when playing against a six-person team. Minimum age of players is 15 years old.
  • Women’s teams. The all-women teams play on Mondays and can also compete in the mixed matches. The team consists of a maximum of six members, but less is allowed.
  • Teenagers league. This is for all the high school kids and runs over two terms. The matches are played on a Wednesday and results in a fierce final. The winning team receives a trophy.

Why Volleyball on Sand is for Everyone

The team leagues are great for those players with a competitive nature, but we also offer great opportunities with people who just want to have as much fun as possible without the serious commitment of league matches. These include:

Indoor Sand Volleyball
  • Every Friday night is our great social league. Activities start at 18:30 and run until late, with teams formed on the spot. The emphasis is on fun and the participation fee includes free BBQ or pizza, whichever is available that night. The players of the winning team can participate in next week’s social for free.
  • Fridays are also the time when we offer free coaching to junior players. Instruction is usually provided by our own top members. Booking is not required, and teams are formed during training. Anyone under the age of 16 may participate.
  • The emphasis of our coaching sessions is on the inclusion of all children, irrespective of physical or mental challenges. It provides a great opportunity for youngsters to learn the game, sportsmanship and respect for others’ abilities.

Fremantle Indoor Beach Volleyball offers the best courts and social environment for the whole family to enjoy a wholesome night of fun and exercise. We are family-owned and operated and understand the need for social interaction between people with similar interests.

Contact us if you have any queries regarding indoor sand volleyball or just want to come and watch great sport being played.