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  • Monday $69.00 per team, 6 a side.
  • Half Price Ladies Mondays $35 per team, 6 a side.
  • Cheap Ass Tuesdays $60.00 per team, 6 a side.
  • Wednesday $69.00 per team, 6 a side
  • Wednesday $52.00 per team, 4 a side
  • Thursday $52.00 per team, 4 a side.
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  • We may use this number to notify you of your first game time via SMS.
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    24 HOURS NOTIFICATION IS REQUIRED if you are unable to field a team any week. This allows us to reschedule games and is in consideration of the opposing team. Failure to give 24 hours notice will incur a forfeit fee equal to the normal game fee. PLEASE inform all players of this rule.

    Team Fees:
    Monday $69.00
    per team, 6 a side.
    Monday $30.00
    per team, 2 a side.
    Monday Half Price Ladies $35.00 per team, 6 a side
    Tuesday $60.00 per team, 6 a side.
    Wednesday $69.00
    per team, 6 a side.
    Wednesday $52.00
    per team, 4 a side.
    Thursday $52.00 per team, 4 a side.

    To make our centre a safe and pleasant space for both customers and staff we ask that you read and agree to the following.

    1. Complaints about umpiring are to be directed towards management, not discussed with the umpires themselves, and should be made by the Captain of your team.

    2. If players argue with or direct abuse at an umpire, a point will be deducted from your team's score for each occasion it occurs.

    3. If arguing or abuse continues, the player/s in question will be asked to leave the court and the game will be paused until they do so.

    4. If arguing or abuse continues after that, or if it becomes threatening or reaches a level in which it is becoming disruptive or distressing to anyone involved, the player/s in question will be asked to leave the centre and are at risk of being banned from returning.

    Thank you for being considerate and respectful of others.
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